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60's Night Success

Saturday the 28th January 2023 saw a great night of 60's rock music enjoyed by over 100 people and raising funds for the Village Hall.

We had a nostalgic evening with the 'Out Of The Shadows' band at the newly renovated Village Hall in the picturesque village of Crondall, in the north east of Hampshire, England. The Village Hall was established in 1923. Simon Crowther (Chairman of the Committee) explained that It was a fund-raising event for a new lighting system in the Village Hall. The Village Hall is an increasingly popular venue for Weddings, Parties and Meetings of all kinds. There is a Stage, Kitchen and ample parking. A delicious Buffet of Butter chicken, Chilli con-carne, Fluffy rice, Naan & Papad. There was a vegetarian option too. This was followed by dessert served at the tables. Most of the audience were in their ‘60s & ‘70s and one or two even in their ‘80s. There were mini-skirts and kinky boots reminding us of the swinging ‘60s! This Video was recorded & produced by Hari & Valerie on a purely amateur basis. They attended the evening as paying guests. It was recorded & produced on an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, and released worldwide on FaceBook & YouTube, in HD 1080p. Acknowledgements: All those who attended the event and made it such a fun evening. I must say that it was very well organised, so thank you to the committee and all those who contributed to the success of the evening.

Out Of The Shadows Band: Lead Guitar: Bob Lampard Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Paul Dawson Base Guitar: Steve Springer Drums: Pete March Vocals & Keyboard: Heidi Vinson & Sue Lampard

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