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The History of the Old Hall

Updated: Feb 18, 2022



Crondall Village Hall was sited where the Brandon Bungalows now are at the junction of Croft Lane and Glebe Road.It was an ex-Army Hut which had been used during the 1914 -18 War and was given to the village by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brandon of Redfields in September 1922 “to commemorate their long association with the village” and in memory of their son, Chester, who was killed during the Great War.The Brandons bought the land and paid for the construction of the building and then handed it over on December 1st 1923 to 3 Trustees to administer the building, they being Arthur John Brandon, Claud Ronald Anson and Herbert Northcroft Butler.

During the 1939-45 War the Hall was taken over by the Military and used as a canteen.It continued to be put to good use by the people of Crondall despite becoming too expensive to maintain.

By 1960 it became obvious that a new form of Management was needed and in 1961 a new Trust was formed which continues to operate. Each year 8 Trustees are appointed at the AGM to serve for one year. In addition each organisation in the Village is entitled to appoint a representative to serve on the Management committee. So it may truly be said that the Trust is organised by the village for the benefit of the Village.

By 1970 the building was creaking badly and the Committee decided that it would be sensible to demolish the building and sell the site. Another site had to be found as it was not possible to erect a new building and provide a car park sufficient for the needs of the users of the site and to comply with Planning Regulations.

The committee was able to take this course action as agreement had been reached with the Parish Council that it would lease a piece of Hook Meadow for a site for a new hall and car park. In 1970 a number of young men demolished the building and disposed of the wood.

The land was then sold to Hartley Wintney Rural District Council for what now is the Brandon Bungalows.Various plans for the new Hall had been produced and had to be abandoned because of rising costs and lack of grants. However, in 1975 a start was made, the framework of the Atcost building was erected. Further work was then completed such as brick walls, windows, doors and laying the concrete floor was done later that year. When this was completed the then committee had exhausted nearly all its funds.

In 1992 a planning application to extend the front entrance, extensions to the committee room and to build what is now used a store facing Hook Meadow. The Parish Council also gave the Freehold of the land to the Hall to release some funding to help with construction costs.

If anyone has any pictures of the old hall we would very much like to see and perhaps copy them.

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