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Celebrating 60 Years of Blooms and Bounties

The Crondall Flower, Produce and Craft Show will be held on Saturday, 27 July 2024, in the Village Hall and Old Gym. Founded in 1964 by passionate locals, the show has blossomed for six decades to become a highlight of the Crondall calendar, with entry categories for everyone aged 2-102! 

For Eve, a stalwart of the Crondall community at 90 years young, the show holds a special place in her heart. “My husband and I were always involved with the flower show,” Eve reminisces. Before 1964, a different version of the current show existed and from their first year in Crondall in 1956, Eve and her husband, John, immersed themselves in the vibrant community spirit of the show. 

Amidst the bustling atmosphere, John found joy in friendly rivalry with fellow gardener Fred Stevens. “He always entered, and it was always a fight between John and Fred for the longest runner bean.” Eve says. “John didn’t win until the year Fred died because Fred was such a great gardener, but that was always the joke between them.” Joking about who possessed the longest runner bean became a cherished part of the Vass family’s vocabulary. 

Their children, Catherine, Mark, and David, joined in on the show’s festivities during their youth, participating in the children’s categories. To this day, though dad John has sadly passed away, Mark and David continue to participate in the show, keeping the family tradition alive. 

Reflecting on her own entries, Eve recalls her victories in knitting and cooking, though she modestly admits her success in floral categories was less frequent. “I love joining in, whether you have anything that’s any good or not,” she says with a warm smile. 

As the 60th anniversary of the Crondall Flower, Produce and Craft Show approaches, Eve remains as enthusiastic as ever. “Don’t know what I’m entering this year - but oh yes I’ll be entering!” she declares with a gleam of excitement. 

With Eve’s infectious spirit and decades of cherished memories, the show continues to thrive as a beloved tradition in the heart of the community. 

Please come along and help us to celebrate our diamond anniversary on the 27th July. Admire the best of Crondall and raise a glass (or a watering can!) to many more years of blooms, bakes, and banter! 

By Jenni Riddalls 

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